Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life.

Expectant moms, here’s what you need now.

As your body gets bigger and your due date looms large, maybe you’re feeling…

  • nervous about the prospect of life with a new baby?
  • eager to meet your little one but afraid you don’t have what it takes to be a mom?
  • confused by all the conflicting advice?
  • worried you haven’t done this before but confident you’ll figure it out?
  • so ready to hold that baby—even though you’ve never actually held a newborn?
  • a little scared by all the horror stories but optimistic they won’t happen to you?
  • haunted by a bad postpartum experience?
  • daunted by the coming changes?
  • not at all daunted because you don’t know what you don’t know?
  • doubtful of your inner wisdom?
  • uncertain and inexperienced?
  • excited but unprepared?
  • excited but unsure how to prepare?
  • overwhelmed?
  • anxious?
  • giddy?
  • ready on the good days—but terrified the rest of the time?

If you’re an expectant or even a new mom, we’re here for you, no matter what you’re feeling.

We know what it’s like to walk into the postpartum season. Whether it’s the first time or the fourth, there’s always some trepidation about those first few weeks with a new baby.

We know because we help mothers through that special season.

I’m Stacy: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Educator, and Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting Specialist who loves coaching women through simple, actionable diet and lifestyle changes that transform their lives.

And I’m Erin: full-time mom and church staffer who loves inspiring women with mental, emotional, and spiritual strategies that transform their lives.


Together, we’re Preparing to Parent, where it’s our mission to mother many mothers.

And that means you.

We help women just like you prepare for pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, and beyond so they can care for themselves, their babies, and their families.

Did you know that…

  • the postpartum package need not include relentless stress, debilitating exhaustion, life-sucking depression, and heart-pounding anxiety?
  • those first 42 days with a baby can radically alter the next 42 years of your life?
  • the 6-week postpartum period, though often neglected in modern America, has been respected throughout the ages and the world as essential to thriving communities?
  • you can embrace ancient wisdom with simple practices that women have been offering one another for thousands of years, no formal training needed?

We’ll show you how and more!

Despite what you may have seen, heard, or endured in the past, those first 6 weeks can be a peaceful, precious, empowering experience. We’ll share with you practices that put postpartum back in its rightful place: as a glorious, sacred season unlike any other on earth.

This sacred season sets the foundation for the future—yours as well as your baby’s. It dictates your recovery, your baby’s development, and your family’s well-being. It even impacts any future children you might have and how you’ll enter menopause!

Yes, it really is that big of a deal.

It’s a narrow window of opportunity. Can you afford to miss it?

You need tips and tools.

You need a game plan.

You need a helping hand.

Our P2P postpartum essentials guide, 7 Keys to a Peaceful Postpartum, provides just that.

In this completely revised e-book created precisely for you, beloved mom-to-be, you’ll learn…

  • the skinny on fats for the postpartum mom.
  • the friends and foes in your spice cabinet.
  • what you can do to preempt breastfeeding distress.
  • why holding your baby 24/7 might be the best thing for your sanity after birth.
  • why massage shouldn’t be relegated to the spa.
  • why this postpartum can be a joyful experience even if the last was anything but.
  • who we are and why we’d love to partner with you on your journey into motherhood.

You’ll get…

  • a 46-page e-book in PDF format so you can read anytime, anywhere on your favorite device—or print pages to keep handy if you’d like.
  • an overview of 7 keys, complete with action items for each—so you know exactly what steps to take next.
  • over 50 links to other books, articles, and products—providing valuable resources that extend far beyond these pages.
  • a postpartum pantry checklist, including what to shop for, where to shop, and how to shop.
  • a postpartum planning checklist to help you get ahead with your game plan.
  • counsel and encouragement from a perinatal specialist and a real mom—a dynamic duo who knows exactly what you’re going through.
  • ways to stay connected and supported, so you don’t feel lonely, isolated, or left behind on your journey into motherhood.

This information is essential, but don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what a first-time mom had to say mere days after birth:

“My mom has been making your recipes for me—they are amazing and make me feel so well. Thank you, Stacy!”

A seasoned mom noticed a huge difference when she pressed these principles into action after her third:

“This postpartum has been great! It’s the best overall recovery I’ve had yet. I’ve been sharing your info with everyone I know!”

Will you emerge from your postpartum period with a similar story?

You can!

We’re offering the newly revised 7 Keys to a Peaceful Postpartum, delivered instantly to your inbox for only $19.99. Click the button below to request your copy!

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It’s a small investment for tips and tools to last your family a lifetime.

But it’s still an investment, so we want to make it easy for you: your P2P purchases are always covered by our 30-day, money-back guarantee.

While we can’t promise you a peaceful postpartum, we can say with confidence that this book will help you prepare for an empowering experience, even if nothing goes according to plan. We know this information works, and we’d love to share it with you. But if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, then we don’t want your money! Within 30 days, send us a refund request via email, and we’ll issue a prompt and full refund. There’s only one condition: please tell us why you weren’t happy with our guide, so we have a chance to make it better. After all, our ultimate goal is to help make your postpartum experience the best possible.

Check out the newly revised 7 Keys to a Peaceful Postpartum risk-free today!

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We want this to be a peaceful, precious, empowering season of your life. And it can be—if you take steps to make it so.

But enough from us.

This is your time.

You’re at a crossroads.

You’re about to birth a baby who will transform your world.

Are you prepared for the biggest change of your life?

  • You can go it alone.
  • You can sift through the advice of family and friends, hoping it works out better for you than it did for some of them.
  • You can do what you did last time. What you already know to do. What you think you should do.

Or you can take action now.

And put your best foot forward to make this journey into motherhood the best experience of your life.

If you do, we’re here to walk alongside you—every joyful, excited, anxious, uncertain, and overwhelmed step of the way.

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P.S. We’re offering our completely revised 7 Keys to a Peaceful Postpartum risk-free for only $19.99! Don’t pass up this opportunity to enter motherhood with the strategies and resources you need to make life with a newborn the most amazing experience of your life. 

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Reach out to us at stacy@preparingtoparent.com. Or get the book risk-free today. You won’t be disappointed.


P.P.S. Beloved mom-to-be, the beginning of the rest of your life is coming quickly. Are you ready to embrace it?

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