We strive to...

  • educate individuals
  • empower families
  • engage communities

today in order to cultivate flourishing generations tomorrow.

In particular, we at P2P employ an integrated approach to whole-person wellness, focusing on four critical Ps:



It's all about the planning. Did you know that an intentional preconception period, with months—if not years—of purposeful self-care and health building for both partners, contributes more significantly to a healthy pregnancy than the nine months of gestation? Begin preparing the soil today for optimal fertility tomorrow.



Much more than a waiting period before your child’s arrival, pregnancy is a dynamic season, an integral leg of the composite journey. Will you honor your body and your baby with the healthy inputs—dietary, sensory, emotional, environmental, and more—that both require to flourish? Infuse your pregnancy with patience and perception to prepare the essential inward spaces for the labor of childbearing and childrearing to come.



Postpartum comes from the Latin simply meaning “after” (post) “birth” (partum). Did you know that the six- to eight-week postpartum period, respected throughout the ages but often neglected in modern America, lays a crucial foundation for decades and may be the most important in a childbearing woman’s life? Reject the cultural misconception that this will be the most stressful, sleep-deprived season of your life. Instead prepare yourself with practical tools to treasure this precious window of opportunity when it arrives.



There’s much more to parenting than keeping kids alive. We want them to thrive! How do we proactively steward the bodies, minds, and spirits of the next generation? Embrace your vital role with power and purpose. You will leave a legacy—what do you want it to be?


We embrace each of these four Ps in the spirit of collaboration. Many are already doing great work. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we at P2P endeavor to be the hub of the preconception-to-parenting wheel, connecting you to its magnificent spokes. As we grow, you will see experts from all fields grace these pages—health care practitioners, medical professionals, childbirth educators, postpartum doulas, ancestral nutritionists, modern technologists, creative communicators, researchers, writers, students, teachers, midwives, parents, and more. After all, biodiversity is the bedrock of a thriving ecosystem.

Just like the gardener tends the plot but does not ultimately make the plants grow, so we at P2P tend this cyber plot but cannot dictate its growth. You play a pivotal role. 

We know you’re busy. We know you can’t do it all. But we also know the gravity and urgency of this P2P conversation. So we want to come alongside you and help. While we don’t have all the answers, we have a place to start.

Together, we can cultivate

  • educated, question-asking individuals
  • empowered, forward-thinking families
  • engaged, action-taking communities

today for flourishing generations tomorrow.


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