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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the books and resources below are those of the original authors and contributors and do not necessarily represent those of Preparing to Parent. In other words, we like these resources, but just because we recommend them doesn’t mean we endorse everything they contain. Some may handle certain topics well and overlook others. Some may espouse a different worldview but still offer valuable insight. Some may tender medical expertise, but not all health advice is appropriate for everyone—we’re all individuals, right? So always do your own research, learn voraciously but couple childlike curiosity with sober judgment, and seek the counsel of your local health professional before embarking on any regimen. 


Ready to turn over a new leaf? These books provide the information—and motivation.


Longing to drink from the firehose? These courses will have you saturated in no time.


Hungry for more? These foods and distributors make optimizing nutrition easier than ever.


Desiring change without throwing a wrench into your day? These products streamline healthy living.



Looking for a helping hand? These services offer the personal support and guidance you need.


Ready to take wellness to the next level? These supplements build health from the ground up.



Trying to implement your new knowledge? These tools help you dig in and facilitate change.



Prefer to get your information from the cloud? These websites are overflowing with expert advice.

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