Do you feel stuck?


We’ve all been there.

Maybe you’re there now. You’ve reached an impasse in some area of your life:

  • your physical health
  • your emotional well-being
  • your stress level
  • your relationships
  • your parenting
  • your professional goals
  • your creative passions
  • your financial security

You want to feel

  • amazing
  • authentic
  • capable
  • confident
  • connected
  • courageous
  • energetic
  • fit
  • grounded
  • healthy
  • inspired
  • joyful
  • magnetic
  • masterful
  • powerful
  • present
  • resilient
  • resourceful
  • rock-solid
  • unforgettable
  • vibrant
  • fully alive and a lot more!

But instead you feel

  • scattered
  • stressed-out
  • overwhelmed
  • unmotivated
  • unhappy
  • unwell
  • anxious
  • ashamed
  • dull
  • disconnected
  • invisible
  • not validated
  • betrayed by your body
  • afraid to claim your audacious goals
  • trapped in the same mistakes
  • enslaved to your inner critic
  • plagued by self-doubt
  • engaged in a perpetual battle of wills
  • like you’re spinning your wheels
  • like you’re just going through the motions
  • like you’re failing at motherhood
  • like something’s always missing…

Change is calling. But. You. Just. Can’t. Take. The. Next. Step.

Welcome to life, where STUCK happens.

It’s not your fault: hidden rules, blind spots, limiting beliefs, and rote behaviors may be sabotaging your progress. Thankfully, you can do something about it.

I (Stacy) am looking for a few committed action-takers to pioneer a new program, unlike any I’ve offered before.

It will help you overcome your biggest blocks, and step into the fullest version of your healthier, happier, change-making self—regardless of where you are along the Preparing to Parent journey.

Are you ready to get unstuck?

I’m scheduling personal strategy sessions now through the month of July only. Contact me if you’re interested.

The strategy session is completely free and designed to bring you clarity, whether or not you enroll in the program. Yes, we may talk about your health goals—or we may not. This program isn’t limited to physical health, since there are many other facets to an awesome you.

Let’s chat. Summer is coming. Do you still want to be stuck come autumn?

You have nothing to lose—except a lifetime of habits holding you back.

To taking baby steps toward life transformation, together we are “Preparing to Parent: Growing Families with Purpose…on Purpose.”

P.S. Want to beta test a groundbreaking program? I’m offering a free strategy session and discounted rate to a handful of action-takers ready to say goodbye to stuck. Schedule a call today!

Stacy Claxton, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Educator, and Perinatal Specialist, is one half of the dynamic duo behind Preparing to Parent, where she and her identical twin, Erin, are “growing families with purpose…on purpose.” This passionate sister pair loves caring for the tender and vulnerable bodies, minds, and souls of new beings and new moms and wielding words with impact on their holistic health blog. Join their family for free recipes and more.

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