How Erin’s preparing for her daughter’s second birthday

We want a strong core so we can DO stuff, without leaking, bulging, straining or hurting. We want a strong core so our body works and moves and makes us feel good. Hang out in the gym if you love hanging out in the gym. But if you don’t (I don’t), do the exercises, so you can go do cool fun stuff instead.
—Wendy Powell, MuTu System

Postpartum can come with a host of things no one told you about. Hemorrhoids? Hair loss? And how about this one?

Diastasis recti.

Perhaps you don’t know the term. But you may know the feeling. A sagging tummy. Flab where you formerly felt firmness. The sinking conviction that your frumpy days have returned forever…

Some separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy is normal—after all, the body has to make room for that baby somewhere. But many women experience a greater gulf between the left and right sides as the connective tissue stretches and weakens. That gulf often persists through the postpartum period and if not addressed, remains as gaping as ever a year or more later. Since this central connective tissue unites all the abdominal muscles, the entire core gets compromised, from both an aesthetic and a functional standpoint.

Hello, diastasis recti.

Unfortunately, diastasis recti often brings some friends.

  • Does your lower back ache?
  • Do you leak when you run—or perhaps just sneeze?
  • Are you worried about hernia or prolapse?

Diastasis recti and a weak core invite pelvic floor dysfunction, which doesn’t bode well for reproductive and urinary health. And contrary to the advice of far too many surgeons and fitness gurus, it isn’t merely about stitching you up or closing the gap with relentless planks, crunches, and burpees (which actually make the situation worse). Full recovery from diastasis recti requires mindful movement and an integrated approach that realigns, reconnects, strengthens, and stabilizes the whole body.

What to do? MuTu to the rescue!

Created by a postpartum fitness expert, MuTu System is an internationally acclaimed, holistic, realistic, and supportive exercise and recovery program for women who want their bodies to look, feel, and function better after having a baby.

In case words aren’t doing diastasis recti justice, here’s a handy schematic.

As an Ayurvedic and functional practitioner plus a yoga instructor tending to postpartum women, I can rally behind MuTu’s multipronged approach: proper alignment, deep breathing, and whole-foods nutrition are just as important as the physical training to get your body back.

I’ve also heard powerful testimonials about MuTu from other practitioners and clients. But I haven’t witnessed the evolution firsthand.

Until now. Erin has agreed to be a willing victim.

As her daughter’s second birthday looms large, so does Erin’s diastasis recti. Time to rectify!

While Erin’s intentionally active lifestyle promotes overall fitness, repairing a diastasis requires more concerted effort. So we’re putting MuTu to the test. Erin has committed to the whole 12-week program, and, hey, why not me, too? We’re a team at P2P, so I may not have diastasis recti but I’m along for the ride.

We’ll report back in a month or two as we progress through the 12-week program. Stay tuned!

Or why not get in on the game? If a fitter, firmer you is part of your new year’s resolutions, there’s no better time to take action. Whether you birthed your baby 6 weeks ago or 6 years ago, MuTu can help you repair residual damage and rebuild a confident body. Even if you haven’t birthed a baby at all, MuTu can help stabilize a core weakened or neglected from any number of causes.

To a firm foundation, inside and out, together we are “Preparing to Parent: Growing Families with Purpose…on Purpose.”

Stacy Claxton, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Educator, and Perinatal Specialist, is one half of the dynamic duo behind Preparing to Parent, where she and her identical twin, Erin, are “growing families with purpose…on purpose.” This passionate sister pair loves caring for the tender and vulnerable bodies, minds, and souls of new beings and new moms and wielding words with impact on their holistic health blog. Join their family for free recipes and more.

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