Evidence that affects our children’s health

Does this evidence demand a verdict?

This video series presents compelling information about if, when, and how we choose to vaccinate our children. Check out the first few seconds of the trailer or…

Consider these pieces of evidence from the series:

  • The Supreme Court of the United States legally declares vaccines “unavoidably unsafe.”
  • The FDA contradictorily licenses vaccines as “safe and effective.”
  • No study has ever proven either the safety or the efficacy of the current CDC vaccination schedule, with its 15-fold increase since 1962.
  • Vaccines inject into our children MSG (a cytotoxin that causes cell dysfunction and seizures), formaldehyde (a carcinogen and neurotoxin used to embalm dead bodies), polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier that ushers microbes and toxic metals across the blood brain barrier), and glyphosate (a carcinogenic herbicide that opens up the intestinal and blood brain barriers), not to mention heavy metals and more.
  • Several vaccines, including the one for chicken pox, also contain aborted human fetal tissue, yet they are routinely injected into those for whom abortion violates religious beliefs.
  • In the United States more infants die on their first day of life than in all other industrial nations combined—and we are one of the only countries that gives the hepatitis B vaccine at birth.
  • The hepatitis B vaccine contains 250 micrograms (mcg) of aluminum, over 14 times the FDA’s safe level of aluminum for infants, and combination vaccines given at 2 months and later may be 50 times the aluminum safety limit.
  • The hepatitis B vaccine is routinely mandated for children at birth, often without parental consent, when the virus is spread only through IV drug abuse, promiscuous sexual activity, contaminated blood transfusions, or—very rarely—an infected mother, and the disease itself is hard to contract and fairly benign.
  • In some states dropping and breaking a vial of the multidose flu vaccine requires immediate evacuation of the building and no reoccupation until it is cleaned by fully garbed hazmat crews, yet we inject that same material into pregnant women, which can expose a developing fetus to a million times the (ostensible) safe limit of toxic mercury.
  • “Thimerosal-free” (mercury-free) vaccinations may contain 600 parts per billion (ppb) of thimerosal—when 200 ppb is considered toxic, 2 ppb is the limit in drinking water, and even 1 ppb has poisoned nerve cells in scientific studies.
  • In 2004 the Institute of Medicine declared that, despite the evidence, thimerosal is not linked to autism in children and should no longer be studied, as the “science is settled”—a statement strikingly anti-science by definition—and defunded institutions wishing to probe the issue further.
  • The CDC, in flagrant violation of human rights, conducted medical experiments with a measles vaccine on children in Africa and then again on black children in inner-city Los Angeles, even as the studies showed the vaccine was killing babies at statistically significant rates.
  • The CDC, far from a public health agency making independent vaccine recommendations, holds more than 50 patents related to vaccines and thus has a vested interest in their widespread promotion.
  • Federal law grants 100 percent liability protection to the vaccine industry—meaning that it, unlike any other industry, is immune from any legal action per government mandate.
  • In the absence of being able to sue anyone who manufactures, approves, dispenses, or administers a vaccine, the law provides a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that quietly pays off vaccine-injured individuals and families—with taxpayer dollars.
  • There is a 1 in a million risk of losing a baby to pertussis (whooping cough) but a 100 percent guarantee of injecting that infant with known toxic materials when the pertussis vaccine is given.
  • Mumps outbreaks have occurred exclusively among vaccinated individuals, who may shed the live virus up to 37 days after vaccination.
  • The vitamin K shot given routinely at birth contains castor oil, which is documented to cross-react with peanuts—and peanut allergies in the United States have reached epic proportions.
  • Giving acetaminophen (Tylenol) after a vaccine, the standard of care in many pediatric practices, compromises the child’s ability to effectively detoxify hazardous ingredients, amplifying the bodily accumulation of toxic material—and the negative effects of acetaminophen are magnified in the presence of testosterone, which may explain why autism is so much more common in boys than in girls.
  • Based on CDC statistics and the continuation of current trends, 1 in 2 children will have autism by 2032, a reality that could precipitate “the end of society.”

The end of society.

Those are foreboding words from award-winning producer Del Bigtree, quoted in episode 4 of The Truth About Vaccines. And so are these:

It [the vaccine industry today] is a criminal enterprise committing mass violence against innocent people everywhere around the world. There will be a day, I believe, when those who have committed medical violence against our children in the form of vaccines will be held accountable—perhaps in their own lifetimes with prosecutions, crimes against humanity. But even if that doesn’t happen, they will be judged beyond this life. There’s a spiritual judgment. What you do matters, and if you harm children in this world, you will be held accountable beyond this world.
—Mike Adams, episode 4, The Truth About Vaccines

Mike Adams is talking about a corrupt industry, not well-intentioned individuals. He’s rebuking a tyrannical entity notorious for cover-ups, deception, fraudulent science, conflicts of interest, lack of informed consent, and outright lies that have jeopardized the welfare of our children. He’s condemning an industry that has slyly commanded the trust of doctors, nurses, and parents faithfully following the system without questioning its motives.
It’s not their fault. It’s not our fault. We—as health professionals, parents, and engaged citizens—are in this together.
Lives are at stake. It’s time for radical change.

Everyone knows there is a risk-benefit to every decision you make. Parents know that all the time. The question is, Is there a greater risk to vaccination than there is a benefit? More and more the science is showing, more and more life experience is showing, there is a greater risk to vaccination than there is benefit. The public is learning this. They are learning it firsthand, and they are learning it by doing their research. And every attempt is being made to stop them from learning it. The science is clear: the vaccine ingredients are clearly poisoning the body and brain.
—Dr. Larry Palevsky, episode 7, The Truth About Vaccines

This is more than a public health issue. It reaches to the very core of fundamental human rights, which are increasingly violated—from overseas experimentation and exploitation to mandatory childhood vaccination in California to an amped-up vaccine schedule foisted on young and old alike.

When we don’t have the right to decide whether or not we want to allow 70-plus inherently dangerous products into our children or ourselves, then what meaningful rights do we have left?
—Laura Hayes, episode 7, The Truth About Vaccines

The forcible injection of toxic substances into the bodies (and subsequently the brains) of our weakest and most vulnerable, the ones we have been commissioned to sacrificially tend, may be the biggest injustice of our time. We’re talking some 4 million babies born in the United States each year who are taking the hit. (Nota bene: it’s coming for adults, too, so this concerns you, whether or not you have kids.)
We have a moral duty to thoroughly evaluate every decision made on behalf of our children. Do our pediatricians actually know what they’re injecting into our kids? Do the propagandists fully understand the short- and long-term consequences of these toxic constituents? 
The Nuremberg Code of 1947 prevents experimental medicine and forced medicine of any kind. Vaccination is squarely the former and rushing headlong toward the latter. In this mass experiment, our kids are the guinea pigs.
Should we wait to see how that experiment plays out? Traipse along with the status quo, wondering how our children will emerge from the fray? Or will we arm ourselves with truth and take a stand for empowered choice?
If you didn’t see our update two weeks ago, then you missed an invaluable opportunity to educate yourself and protect your family.
But you get another chance.

For 48 hours only, all 7 episodes of The Truth About Vaccines will be available for free and unlimited viewing. You can watch more than 60 experts give scientifically validated evidence that renders gravely suspect the ubiquitous pharmaceutical product forced on every living human that emerges from the American womb today.
Then you can review the facts, like the few delineated above, for yourself and make the best possible decision for your family. But you have only until midnight tomorrow (for free viewing at least).
Will we brush uncomfortable conversations under the rug? Will we commit the perilous sin of omission by disregarding our duty to the vulnerable? Or will we be a community that engages truth and decries injustice—in whatever form it takes?

Check out The Truth About Vaccines. 

Even if you don’t have time for a full viewing, consider watching an episode or two or some snippets from each. Invite your family and friends. Have a video marathon if that’s your style—it could be much more pragmatic and empowering than a Netflix binge.
At the very least, own what you don’t know. Research every decision for yourself. Reach your own conclusions. Especially when it comes to our precious charges, the lives of our future.
Our collective children are depending on all of us.

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